Introduction to treatment

What is the best treatment for plantar heel pain?

In order to undertake the best treatment for plantar heel pain, we need to consider the influence of three major factors (Figure 1):

  • Best research evidence

    Best research evidence

    Research that is conducted in a rigorous manner can be used to inform which treatments should be used for plantar heel pain. In this section, we have highlighted which treatments are considered effective based on the best or most believable evidence.

  • Expert opinion

    Expert opinion

    The knowledge and skills of experts that treat plantar heel pain can be used to help you determine the risks and benefits of different treatments based on an accurate diagnosis. The treatment options we have recommended for plantar heel pain have also been based on the opinion of experts.

  • Values of the patient

    Any decision about patient treatment must consider the preferences, concerns, beliefs and expectations of the patient. In developing this website, we have used information gathered from patients that have experienced plantar heel pain.


Figure 1
Figure 1

Overall, there are a number of different treatments that can be used for plantar heel pain. Some treatments are more effective than others, so we have provided an overview of which treatments you should try first on the My Treatment Plan page. You will also need to consider your access to certain treatments, the cost of some treatments and whether you have the time to attempt or complete various treatments.

Included below are individual summaries for each treatment, and you can read more about each treatment by following the links below.